Technology : Curriculum Intent

We believe that students deserve a Design & Technology curriculum which prepares them for the world they live in. Our curriculum aims to promote and develop resilient, independent, lifelong learners with the abilities to solve problems utilising a range of transferable skills, thus allowing them to access and become a successful and productive members of the wider community.

The Design and Technology department comprises the following subjects: Engineering/ Design Technology, Hospitality & Catering/Food Technology, and Textiles. In Design and Technology students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products, and create systems, that meet human needs.  They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments.  They also learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team. Design & Technology is a subject which draws, develops and implements a range of different disciplines including mathematics, science, engineering, computing, geography, business studies and art. The subject embeds high quality literacy skills through analysis and evaluation techniques.

Through the curriculum, students are actively contributing to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of themselves. Students will be working in stimulating contexts that provide a range of opportunities and draw on the local ethos, community and wider world, students identify needs and opportunities.  They respond with ideas, products and systems, challenging expectations where appropriate and considering aesthetic, technical, cultural, health, social, emotional, economic, industrial and environmental issues.  As they do so, they evaluate present and past design and technology, and its uses and effects.

Design and Technology education makes a unique and valuable contribution to the education and preparation for students’ future lives for work and or leisure. We aim to ensure that our students achieve the best possible experiences in Design and Technology, to become lifelong learners sharing the same joy of the subject that their teachers have.

Curriculum Intent Overview

Design and Technology education makes a unique and valuable contribution to the education and preparation for students’ future lives for work and or leisure. Our Design and Technology curriculum provides a broad and balanced range of opportunities to work with a wide range of materials, to develop new skills, experience new technologies and gain new knowledge. Open ended projects allow students to use their imaginations, express their feelings and problem solve as they work towards quality outcomes. Our Design & Technology curriculum will give the students an opportunity:

  • To build up creativity, problem solving, planning, practical and evaluation skills to become independent and resourceful;
  • To enable students to feel safe and confident in their learning environment to take risks and learn from mistakes;
  • To foster a culture of ‘design critique’ to produce quality outcomes via peer and group work, respecting other students’ opinions;
  • To develop resilience when understanding the developments in design and technology, its impact and effect of products on individuals, society and the environment, and the responsibilities of designers, engineers and technologists;
  • To enjoy learning in a practical manner having experienced the best possible engaging and challenging lessons which foster and promote interests for later life;
  • To support the development of good health and well-being of our students;
  • To learn the basics of nutrition and a healthy balanced diet, understand where the food we eat comes from, be able to make informed healthy choices and enjoy the cultural diversity of dishes that International cuisine offers;
  • To acquire relevant knowledge from other subjects and apply them to produce successful outcomes;
  • To prepare pupils for the next stage of their education by encouraging and inspiring students who wish to take on further study, from selecting this as an option at GCSE, A level, university and the world of work.
PedagogyEnrichmentOther general principles
Our pedagogy is supported by:·Specialist teaching staff who have a wide range of expertise.·An environment of confidence where students feel they can experiment, make mistakes and tackle their own design problems.·Regular constructive feedback in both written and verbal form to develop students understanding of what they are doing well and how they need to improve·Rigorous and systematic sequential teaching of skills and techniques via demonstration.·A wide range of materials and equipment used in a progressive way, so that students are then stretched and challenged with the skills they learnt in the previous year in addition to learning more advanced skills and techniques in their current year.·An enthusiastic, committed team that promote an environment where all students develop personal responsibility and self-motivation but consider the needs and achievements of others.We will enrich our curriculum by:·Establishing cross curricular links.·Encouraging students to take part in a variety of trust competitions and national competitions throughout the year.·Encouraging students to contribute to the life of the school and the community, by working with ‘real’ contexts to develop their skills and knowledge in designing.·Developing partnerships with external providers that extend children’s opportunities for learning.·Giving a deeper understanding of links between knowledge learnt and vocational context.·Providing a rich and varied after school enrichment program·The annual celebration of the key events in Design and Technology e.g. female engineers, healthy eating week, Fairtrade fortnight etc. to support wellbeing, diversity and culture. Our curriculum will enable students to:·Develop new skills through a variety of interesting contexts to foster enjoyment;·Have progression between KS3 and KS4, with students being exposed to themes and content that will allow all students to access the KS4 content;·Have an increasing level of challenge and complexity to be able to make enquiries regarding topic content;·Build on their understanding of the importance of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect.· Develop their character, including their resilience, confidence and independence, so that they contribute positively to the life of the school, to their local community, and to the wider environment.