Life : SOW

Year 7

Term 1Term 2Term 3
ClassBQ Do we need to feel the same to belong?

HT1 – Transition topic developing skills to work collaboratively,
PHSE topics including strong emotions and types of relationships,
Exploring diversity within society,

HT2 – Reciprocal Reading Boy87
RR used to explore the topic of diversity and the refugee crisis. Topic completed with a drop down day exploring diversity, the day will include a session from a speaker based on each of the continents – linking to VMG and global society.
HT3 BQ – How do Eastern faiths impact on the lives of believers?

Topic explores Eastern faiths including Hinduism and Sikhism, this is in line with the locally agreed SACRE. SOW considers life as a believer and gives students the basics of these 2 religions.

HT4 – What does family do for us?
Family birth rites,
RSHE 2020 stat topic including types of relationships,
Within this topic there may be need to revisit puberty and changing adolescent bodies, this is covered in Y7 Science but there is scope to develop the PHSE element of the topic area. Students cannot withdraw from Health elements of the RSHE 2020 framework therefore students cannot be removed from puberty elements.  
HT5 – BQ How does poverty impact on people’s lives?

Exploreation of wealth and poverty,
Local and global responses to poverty,
Religious views on both wealth and poverty,
Financial wellbeing and economic literacy,

HT6 – BQ How do we fit into the world we live in?

SOW considers both animal rights and planet earth,
Ethical considerations about battery farming, animal experimentation,
Spiritual development through Awe and Wonder,
Students will be introduced to active citizenship where they become ‘change makers’ they will choose a topic that they believe needs to be changed and present these ideas back to their peers.
EnrichmentDiversity Day drop downTrip to Buddhist Centre?  
AssessmentHow useful are the FBVs to our life?Religious family life – recall assessmentChanger makers project – 1 topic area which students want to stop to improve lives in the world, they can produce learning aids to suppoty this. 
Enhanced Piece of workLetter to themselves – to open at end of Y7
Alternative Ending 
Family project – heritageChange maker project – citizenship link

Year 8

Term 1Term 2Term 3
ClassHT1 – BQ Why do we suffer?

Types of believers,
Man made and natural suffering,
Life after death,
Humanist views about life and death,

HT2 – BQ Did Siddhartha gain more than he lost?

Buddhist investigation linking to suffering. Did the Buddhe gain more than he lost in his search for enlightenment? 
HT3 – BQ How can faith change the way iwe live our lives?

RR Nicky Cruz story about a gangster who changed his life around when influenced by a religious figure. This story is similar to that of guest speaker Hanif (In2Change). Hanif was in an Asian gang and found Islam in prison for manslaughter. This topic supports KCSIE and county lines content. Ensure that text messages are sent home to give parents the right to opt out of certain content.

HT 3 – BQ How can substances impact on wellbeing?

PHSE and RSHE 2020 stat content,
Drug and alcohol education,
Supported by guest speakers such as Paul Hannaford and In2Change. Under RSHE 2020 remember to consider health elements such as the impact that caffeine and sugar can have on individuals lives. 
HT 5 – BQ How do ethical considerations impact on our lives?

HT 6 – BQ Is choice important within intimate relationships?

RSHE 2020 stat content,
Healthy relationships,
Pregnancy, Infertility and Miscarraige,
LQBTQ+ inculsive lessons (all lessons should be integrated rather than lessons seperating different sexual orientations).

Parents can remove their child from any element of sexual education up until 3 terms before their 16 birthday. Parents who wish to do this must meet with HTH as per the RSHE policy.
EnrichmentRestart a heart – suggested must be 12  to do CPRPaul Hannaford
Hanif – In2change
CE team – County Lines
AssessmentWith so much suffering in the world God cannot exist.Should Nicky be forgiven? 
Enhanced Piece of work30 things to do before you’re 30 – HumanismLetter to follow up sessions delivered by external speakersWedding Vows and planning

Year 9

Term 1Term 2Term 3
ClassHT 1 BQ How do FBV influence our lives?

Each of the FBV taken in turn,
Brave New World considered – in a new society what would be kept, adapted and banned all together,

HT2 – BQ Which way of change is the most effect in bringing about social change?

Students to explore a range of pressure groups and the ways in which they bring about social change,
Students then decide which way of change is the best way to bring social change in the world.
Students complete the topic area by creating a social action project – students choose a local issue that they want to change. They need to plan how this will be done (If time provides they can begin this action project).

Lesson is also available to recruit a Y10 student president – this can be completed either in VMGs or in Life lessons to begin and plan campaigns for election.
HT3 – BQ Does war solve problems or create them?

Causes of war,
Mental and physical effects of war,
Religious views on war

HT4 – BQ – How can finance impact on the choices I make as an adult?
HT 5 – BQ What is Radicalisation?

Prevent training,
Radical groups,

HT6 – BQ Is anything possible in medical ethics? If so should it be done?

Medical ethics including euthanisia, suicide, cloning and organ donation,

Students to touch on STIs and HIV – Parents can remove their child from any element of sexual education up until 3 terms before their 16 birthday. Parents who wish to do this must meet with HTH as per the RSHE policy.
EnrichmentRestart a heartTrip – Beth Shalom,
Cross curricular link with History – Survivor visit?
Skyline – Living with HIV
Self Harm – CAHMS delivered
AssessmentShould religion be banned?
Which way of change is the most effective?
Mental and Physical effects of warShould everyone donate their organs?
Enhanced Piece of workCitizenship action project planBudgetting plan 

Year 10

Y10Term 1Term 2Term 3
ClassHT1 – BQ Does knowledge really empower?

Ambition and aspirations,
Revision strategies,
Memory games,
Retrieval strategies,
Debate – Does knowledge really empower?

HT2 – BQ How should I live my life?

RSHE 2020 content –
Healthy bodies,
Healthy intimate relationships,
Sustance misuse,

Parents can remove their child from any element of sexual education up until 3 terms before their 16 birthday. Parents who wish to do this must meet with HTH as per the RSHE policy.
HT3 – BQ Is there fairness in the world?

Strudents explore citizenship including –
Electoral systems,
Political parties,
Human Rights and equality,

HT4 – BQ Does my opinion really matter?
HT 5 – BQ Does Diversity Improve our lives?

HT6 – BQ What does my future look like?

Students will explore how to apply for apprenticeships, jobs and college. This topic will include the creation of examplar CV, applications and personal statements to support the children in applying for their chosen paths. 
Big Talk
Speak out Challenge 
AssessmentDebate – Does knowledge empower?Debate: Should 16 year olds have the vote? 
Enhanced Piece of work  Create an application, CV and personal statement to support the application process.

Year 11

Y11Term 1Term 2Term 3
ClassHT 1 – BQ What factors make intimate relationships healthy?

Revisit sex eduation,
Managing relationship breakdown,
Revisiting drugs education,

This is crucial to take place during HT1 – any students who’s parents have previously withdrawn them from sexual education can choose to re-opt in at this time. The students wishes take priority from 3 terms before their 16 birthday.

HT2 – BQ Am I really worth it?

Body image,
Risks of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures,
Screening – breast and testicular cancer,
Being a responsible NHS user,
Blood and organ donation,
Personal wellbeing
HT3 – BQ How do I become politically active in society?

Monarchy and power in the UK,
Voting and political parties,
Local government,
Britains role in global politics,

HT4 – How can finance impact on the choices I make as an adult?

Students to explore the financial decisions they would have to make as an adult including budgetting.

Alternation mental health SOW included on SharePoint if this is more appropriate for the year group on the run up to the exam season.
Enhanced Piece of work