In Arts Award, students are preparing for the acting festival they will be taking part in in the duologue section. They are having lots of fun completing an improvised paired challenge. We also have three design students looking at lighting, hair and costume.

Students in Speak Up had the exciting opportunity to meet Nessietessimal the amazing animator last week. They talked through different types of animation and did a fun design task linking to creating ideas for basic animation. Students will be working with Nessie over the next few weeks to think about how they can combine art forms of drama with animation to create work they want to ‘speak up’ about.

In Science Club students were having fun with static electricity and trying out the Van de Graaff generator! When the Van de Graaff generator starts charging, it transfers the charge to the person who is touching it. Since the person’s hair follicles are getting charged to the same potential, they try to repel each other. This is why the hair actually stands up.

Our newly formed singing group were working together on harmonies to practice a range of songs they are rehearsing ready for our next performing arts showcase. A beautiful rendition of Mad World to warm up this week.