Transition : Virtual Tour

We want all new students and parents/carers coming to Don Valley Academy to feel excited and comfortable when they arrive here. As you cannot currently come for a visit in person we have put together a few photographs from important places around school that you need to know!

The Blue Line
The blue line is located next to the Sports Hub before the school gates. Once you cross the blue line mobile phones should not be seen or heard. You will be welcomed on the blue line each day by the senior leadership team and a learning manager. They will ask to see your student planner and knowledge organiser.
The Main Hall
The main hall is located next to the dining hall. We use the hall for assembly’s. Each week you will attend an assembly with your VMG. Each VMG has an allocated row to sit on.
Student Reception
Student reception is located in the building to the left of the main gates. You can access student reception in the morning and after school. If you have lost an item of your equipment you can go to check to see if it has been handed in.
The Library
The library is located on the top floor in the middle of the orange and yellow corridors. You will be able to access the library at break and lunch times. The library has a wide selection of books to borrow, games to play and PC’s for you to use to complete school work and research.
The Canteen
We have three lunch sittings. The Y7 lunch time is 12.30- 1pm. You will queue up the relevant area. Once you have chosen your food you will pay for it using your thumb print and the money will be taken from your account automatically. You will then be able to choose a place to sit in the dining area.
The Dining Area
Once you have paid for your food you must sit down in the dining area to eat your food. You must take your tray away and clear any rubbish after you have eaten. All food must be consumed at the table.
The playground is at the back of the school. You can go on to the playground at break and lunch time. You are not allowed to eat or drink on the playground.
The Sports Hub Entrance
The entrance to the sports hub is located near the main gate.
Sports Hall
The sports hub contains the sport hall and dance studio. Students will have the opportunity to take part in activities after school as part of our enrichment programme, these will include a range of sports such as trampolining, table tennis and athletics.
Orange Corridor
The orange corridor is located on the top floor. Classrooms on this floor can be found for history, geography, languages and ICT.
Blue Corridor
The blue corridor is located on the middle floor. Classrooms on this floor are for maths. The principal’s office and the attendance/learning managers office are also located on this floor.
Green Corridor
The green corridor is located on the middle floor. Classrooms on this floor are for science.
Yellow Corridor
The yellow corridor is located on the middle floor. Classrooms on this floor are for English and life.  
Ground Floor Corridors
The pink and red corridors are located on the ground floor. Classrooms on this floor are for design and technology, art, music and drama. The Bridge is also located at the end of the pink corridor.
The Bridge
Some students at times may be identified as benefiting from working in smaller groups. The bridge is a facility in school where this would take place. You would still follow your normal timetable but you would complete work in here instead of your normal classroom. You would be given support by the learning assistant in the bridge.