Home Learning

Home Learning

At Don Valley Academy Academy, we know that completing home learning is essential to long term academic success. It allows our students to extend their learning and to reinforce what has been learnt in class. Every day, your child will be expected to study for around one hour. Home learning will be in three 20 minute parts:

  1. Y7-10 Knowledge organiser self-quizzing.​ Y11 Revision
  2. Accelerated Reading (KS3) or reading for pleasure (KS4).​
  3. Hegarty Maths.​


Knowledge Organiser Downloads Term 2

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Click here for the  Knowledge Organiser Guide

Knowledge organiser self-quizzing​

Click here to download the How to Self Test with Knowledge Organisers Guide

Our teachers will test your child on the essential knowledge and skills that they are expected to learn in every subject. Most of this can be found within our Knowledge Organiser book. Your child should revise the specific knowledge, as directed by their teachers, using the strategies as outlined in their booklets. Please be proactive and support your child by testing them daily. Your child must bring their Knowledge Organiser pack to school every day and take it home every evening.​

Knowledge organisers are brilliant for revision. New GCSE specifications require learners to be able to retain large quantities of information in long-term memory. Specifying the exact knowledge through the use of knowledge organisers will help develop effective revision skills. Sequencing it, explaining it, checking it, quizzing on it, practicing combining it, testing it, and revisiting regularly are vital if pupils are to remember it for years to come. Our home learning strategy is based on the principle of retrieval practice, which you can read more about here.​

Why do we set Home Learning?

Home learning is a valuable aspect of the learning process and contributes to the development of sound study/revision skills designed to extend the learning of the student outside the classroom and to:

  • enable students to become independent and self-motivated learners.
  • develop Deep Learners rather than Surface Learners
  • help students to reinforce and consolidate skills, knowledge and understanding acquired in lessons.
  • support good student progress.
  • be used to extend and enhance knowledge and understanding.
  • encourage good organisation – keeping up to date with activities and meeting deadlines, beneficial to students as they leave the Academy and progress to university or enter the workforce.

Hegarty Maths

Completing work from Hegaty Maths is compulsory for all students in years 7-11. Each pupil is set weekly homework which is instantly marked and this is then fed back to their teacher. Pupils are encouraged to reattempt all homework’s until they have achieved 100%.

Accelerated Reading (AR)

Accelerated reading is a compulsory homework for all students in years 7-9. Students are expected to read twenty minutes a day. For every book students read they take a test which monitors their understanding and reading age. This test can be done at home and in in the LRC. Students have a dedicated AR lesson with their English teacher and Mrs Bradley, our Librarian. Here they are supported to ensure they reach their optimum reading age. As they make progress their choice of book is widened. We have a rewards system for those who make the most progress or take the most quizzes. There are certificates for our millionaire word students.

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