Year 8 Teams Expectations


  • The Online Academy can only be used for students who are self isolation. For further information please contact your Learning Manager.
  • If you have to self isolate,  you will need to ensure you can access Microsoft Teams and One Note. If you need to borrow a laptop please contact the Academy to arrange one to collect, which will be returned when to return back after isolation.
  • Parents/carers must contact the Academy to inform that you are isolating, you will then be required to use Teams to continue your lessons at home.
  • If you become unwell a parent/carer must inform the Academy of this.
    • Using Teams 

    • You need to log in with your school email and password. Your email is your computer name  eg  click here to reset your password
    • Please follow your normal timetabled lessons by clicking onto the individual class teams or the Year 8 Live Lessons Team for your live lessons if it is there.
    • If you are taking part in a live lesson ensure you have headphones on, and that your background is blurred or appropriate, you don’t need to wear school uniform, but your clothing does need to be appropriate.
    • Chat must only be used to contact the teacher, you must not use it to chat to other students.
    • You should submit your work on Class Notebook or upload a photo of your written work on Teams so you can get feedback from your teacher.
        Click here to access Microsoft Teams Classroom  Click here to download the Windows App 

      Microsoft Teams How to Videos

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      Download Teams and OneNote from the app store

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