Student Welfare


We have a highly skilled team of pastoral support staff, all of whom are available to students and parents throughout the academy day. 

Mrs W Hepworth

Attendance Manager

Mr Preston

Learning Manager for Year 7 

Mr Corley

Learning Manager for Year 8

Mrs N McMahon

Learning Manager for Year 9

Mrs K Bolger

Learning Manager for Year 10

Mr K Wallace

Learning Manager for Year 11

There are a variety of different services within the academy which can support your child in all aspects of academy life. These include: 

Student Reception 

Student Reception is a service available to all students in the academy. It is based on the ground floor and is open every day at break and lunchtime. Students should go to Student Reception if they need to sign in or out of the academy or have any safeguarding concerns. 

Student Services 

Learning Managers are available to offer support throughout the day, making sure students are able to focus on learning during lessons.   A variety of support is offered, including both individual and small group sessions depending on students’ needs. Learning Managers have an office on the first floor .     

First Aid 

We have a team of staff who are trained first aiders. They are able to deal with minor ailments and injuries, as well as providing immediate assistance in an emergency situation where medical support is called upon.