Y11 Revision and leavers assembly arrangements

The examination season is now well underway. To ensure students acheive the best outcomes we have designed a comprehensive timetable seeing all students in the academy until Friday 14th June. We are also running after school enrichment sessions starting at 2:30 pm, prior to all examinations.

During May half term, there will be a number of revision sessions as outlined below. Students are expected to arrive at 9:30 am but are not expected to wear school uniform.

As well as revising in the Academy, home revision is vital to ensure students are making the most of their time. Their subject teachers have given them lots of resources to use when studying at home and we would appreciate your support with these being used.

The last exam for most students is on Friday 14th June. There will be a leavers assembly on Tuesday 18th June at 9:00 am which all students should attend in full uniform. They will be served breakfast and they will say a final goodbye to their teachers and peers.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs McMahon or any of your child's teachers.