Y10 Only Closure Update 20th October 2020


20th October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers of Y10 Students

I am writing to inform you that unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic, the staffing levels in the Academy have now been affected.  The decision has been made that all Year 10 students will remain at home until after half term.  This decision has not been made lightly but one that we feel is in the best interests of the year group.

To ensure continuity in our students’ education, we will be continuing to deliver ‘live’ lessons through Microsoft Teams.  All students have received guidance on Microsoft Teams whilst they have been in Academy and should be familiar with logging on. Please find attached further information which may help.

Students will follow the following programme of study:

Wednesday 21st October

Period 3​​Science

Period 4​​Maths

Period 5 ​English


Thursday 22nd October


Period 2​​Geography/History

Period 3​​Science

Period 4​​English


Friday 23rd October


Period 2​​MFL/Geography/History

Period 3​​English

Period 4​​Science

Period 5​​Maths


If you have concerns regarding your child accessing theirlessons whilst at home, we do have a limited number of devicesavailable to loan.  Please contact Mrs Bolger, Year 10 Learning Manager, or use the email address to request support.

We have high expectations of students’ conduct whilst on Teams and it is expected that behaviour should mirror that which we expect whilst they are in the Academy.  During live sessions please ensure that your child switches off the microphone function.  If the ‘chat function’ is made available by the member of staff, this must only be used to communicate directly with the teacher.  Any concerns we have about students’ conduct during the ‘live lessons’ will be addressed and dealt with when students return to the Academy.

May I thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation as we work together through these most challenging times.   We look forward to seeing Year 10 students back in the Academy after the half term break on Monday 2nd November 2020.

Yours sincerely


H Thornton

Mrs H Thornton