New Student Entrance Stonehill Rise

New Enterance 

With effect from Tuesday 3rd September 2019, all students arriving and exiting the Academy will do so via the Stonehill Rise entrance. Students who travel on the Academy buses will be dropped off on site, at the rear of the main building. A purpose built turning area has been designed to enable buses to do this safely. Students who travel to and from the Academy on bicycles should also enter via Stonehill Rise entrance . Once on site, students must dismount from their bicycles at the entrance gate and walk towards the relocated bicycle storage area. 

Student Reception and the Academy ‘blue lines’ have been relocated, and staff will be present to ‘meet and greet’ students in the mornings and to supervise their departure at the end of the day. 

Students have been informed of these changes and have taken part in a ‘walkthrough’ of the new area in order to familiarise them with the route they will take. 

At 8.40 am the security gates to the Academy will be closed. Any students arriving at the Academy after 8.40 am will need to sign in at the main visitor reception at the front of the main building. All visitors to the Academy must report to main reception at all times.