HeppSY Privacy Notice 2020-21

Information for Y9-13 Students

HeppSY Parents Privacy Notice 2020-21

HeppSY Students Privacy Notice 2020-21

Higher education activities and the UCP programme

Higher education outreach activities are aimed at showing students the higher education opportunities available at
college and university, and how completing a higher education course can benefit their job prospects. The activities
may also improve students' attainment. The activities are being run by HeppSY, Hepp, Sheffield Hallam University, The
University of Sheffield and other approved partners.

The Uni Connect Programme's (UCP) aim is to increase the number of young people progressing to university and
higher education by 2020. The HeppSY team and their partners1 are being funded by the Office for Students (OfS) to
undertake outreach activities with young people at your school or college to let you know about the benefits of going
into higher education.

Why do we need to collect data and evaluate higher education activities?
To make sure the activities we provide are useful and effective for young people, we need to gather certain information
which we use purely for research and evaluation purposes. Under data protection law we are able to process this data
because the activities are a task carried out are in the public interest. It is also important to prove that what we do is

We must:

1. ensure that the activities we offer are appropriate
2. identify the most effective activities and best practice
3. measure the impact of our activities

Collecting individual information

We will ask your school/college to provide information about all of the young people in the school/college. We collect
this information to identify participants for outreach activities, monitor and evaluate, and enable us to track individual
young people over time to find out whether or not they eventually apply to any form of higher education. If students
have not taken part in any activity from members of the partnership, their data will be securelydeleted at the end of
the next academic year. We may also ask students who have taken part in a HeppSY activity (face to face or digital) or
used a HeppSY resource online to fill in a short form or register on an approved platform that allows us to monitor and
evaluate what is used and by whom.

HeppSY Parents Privacy Notice 2020-21

HeppSY Students Privacy Notice 2020-21