Cycling to School

We have been informed of a number of bicycle incidents, including attempted thefts around the Doncaster area.

If your child travels to and from the Academy by bicycle, we would advise you to adhere to the following advice to ensure their journey is as safe as possible.  In addition, it is very important that students provide their own strong secure bicycle lock to be used while the bicycle is on the Academy site.  A bicycle rack has been provided however the Academy can take no responsibly for the loss or damage to bicycles either on or off the Academy premises.

  1. At all times while riding the bicycle students are advised to wear an approved bicycle safety helmet.
  2. At all times cyclists must obey the Law, the Highway Code and normal road safety rules, treating other road users and pedestrians with consideration both on and off the academy site.
  3. Bicycles must be road worthy to a legal standard and may be confiscated if found to be defective.  Parents/Carers must then arrange for collection at the end of the school day.
  4. Bicycles must NOT be ridden on Academy grounds, and students MUST dismount at the blue line.
  5. All bicycles which are brought into the Academy grounds must be road worthy and in a safe condition.  Responsibility for this must be undertaken by Parents/Carers.