End of Term Update

18th July 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

As we approach the end of the summer term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their support of the Academy.  The collaboration and partnership between home and the Academy is significant to its continued success to ensure our students develop into effective young people. 

Free School Meals Vouchers during the summer holiday

Vouchers will be issued during the summer holidays.   A link will be emailed out to parents/carers of students on Free School Meals in order to purchase food at an outlet of your choice. 

Here are a few important points and reminders to help us have a smooth start in September 2022

GCSE Results Day

GSCE Results Day is on Thursday 25th August 2022.

Year 11 students will collect their results from 9.00 a.m. from the Sports Hall. Entrance via Stonehill Rise.

Academy Start Dates

The Academy will reopen to students as follows:

Students in Years 7 and Year 11                                Tuesday 6th September 2022

Students in Years 8, 9 and 10                                      Wednesday 7th September 2022

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will enter and leave the Academy via Stonehill Rise

Students in Years 10 and 11 will enter and leave the Academy via Jossey Lane


We expect all students to attend the Academy each day unless there is a valid and justified reason.  Students must attend to achieve and every lesson matters.  

Students should arrive at the Academy by 8.15 am and at their period 1 classroom by 8.20 am.  Lessons begin at 8.25 am. If parents/carers are dropping their children off at the Academy, please do so before 8.15 am.

If your child is absent from the Academy please telephone every day on 01302 651035 option 1 or email to attendance@donvalleyacademy.org.uk to give a reason for absence.  Staff are available to take calls from 7.30 am onwards; however we do have an answering machine service out of the Academy hours from 3.30 pm until 7.30 am. Alternatively, as you are already aware, contact can be made via the new MCAS (My Child At School).   It is important that you download the app to be able to receive and view information about your child.

We ask where possible to make any appointments including medical, after Academy hours.  We appreciate that this may not always be possible. With that in mind, we would suggest if any appointments are to be made could they please be made towards the end of the Academy day. This would ensure that your child misses the minimum amount of valuable learning from their lesson. We ask that where possible, students are collected from reception for appointments by parents/carers or a responsible adult.  Students must sign out at reception and follow the Academy procedures. The Academy cannot authorise all day absences for medical/doctor’s appointments.

My Child At School App

Please note, from September 2022, we will no longer use School Gateway to communicate with parents and carers.  We will use ‘My Child At School’ to share key information about your child. Our main form of communication between the Academy and home is email and this is a free communication system.  Your child’s progress, achievements and successes will be communicated in this way.  You must register your email address with the Academy.  Please download the My Child At School App to your chosen devise from the App Store or visit www.mychildatschool.com.

Planners/Knowledge Organisers/Reading Books

Students must have their planners/knowledge organisers/reading books every day.  This is the ‘passport to learning’ and will be checked by the Senior Leadership Team as they enter the Academy.  A detention will be issued if a student does not have their planner.   Graffiti on planners is not acceptable, if defaced, the planner will be confiscated, a detention will be issued and a new planner must be purchased. Replacement planners for KS3 cost £3.36 and replacement planners for KS4 cost £3.54 and can be purchased via MCAS.

Academy Uniform

•    Blazer – DELTA blazer

•    Shirt – Plain white with collar and top button; DELTA shirts are optional

•    Trousers – Plain black; they should be loose fitting trousers with a centre zip and button. Skinny trousers, jeggings and jean styles are not allowed, nor are trousers with zipped pockets. DELTA trousers are optional

•    Skirt – (optional) Plain black; they should be straight and knee length. Tight fitting Lycra skirts are not appropriate.  DELTA skirts are optional.  Tights must be worn with skirts; socks are not permitted

•    Tie – Standard DELTA tie

•    Tights – Plain black (minimum 40 denier)

•    Shoes – Plain black shoes (flat or low heeled). Canvas, boots, suede, pump or trainer style footwear is not permitted. There should be no gold or coloured trim and in particular, no ‘Vivienne Westwood’ style shoes

Please note, jewellery and smart watches, including Fitbits, are not permitted. 

The DELTA uniform incorporating the Delta logo is only available to purchase from a company called SPT Uniforms Ltd. Parents/Carers can purchase uniform either:

1.               On-line via the website: www.sptuniforms.co.uk  

2.               Visit the Retail Shop – SPT Uniforms Ltd, 115 Main Street, Garforth, Leeds, LS25 1AF (please check opening times on website: www.sptuniforms.co.uk )

3.               Pop-up shop at Don Valley Academy on 27th July 2022 and 10th August 2022- 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

If you require any financial assistance in purchasing this uniform, please contact the Finance Office at the Academy.


The Academy will continue to sell ties. The price will remain the same £5.25 from 1st September 2022; however, they can only be purchased via MCAS.

School Meals

Unfortunately, due to rising prices the cost of a school meal will increase by 10p to £2.40 from 1st September 2022. MCAS is the only form of payment for meals.  Children entitled to free school meals will have this amount credited to their account.

School Meals/Cashless Catering System

You will shortly be receiving a letter by post giving further details about changes to our Cashless Catering system from September 2022. This new system operates via MCAS.  Please ensure you read this information carefully and return the relevant consent form to the Academy.

Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

Depending on your circumstances, your child may be eligible for Free School Meals, which could also enable the Academy to access Pupil Premium funding. Please contact Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council FSM@doncaster.gov.uk or telephone number 01302 735336, option 1.


Please note that bicycles are brought onto and kept on the Academy site at their owners’ risk.  Whilst the Academy will take necessary precautions to keep these items secure, the Academy cannot be held responsible for loss or damage whilst on the Academy site. 

Academy Holiday and Term dates

Please find attached a revised copy of the holiday and term dates for the forthcoming academic year.  Holidays taken during term time will not be authorised.  If you do take a holiday during term time, we will formally request the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.

School Buses

We have been informed that the school bus service 429 has been cancelled by First Buses from September 2022.  SYMCA, is an alternative provider and will hopefully secure a replacement service for students so the service can continue to operate.

School bus information for September 2022 will be available for parents and pupils at https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-GB/LandingPage/school-buses. Please monitor this site for up to date information.   If you have any concerns about home to school transport for the next academic year or want further information, please contact Travel South Yorkshire via the link https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/contact.

For information about Don Valley Academy, please visit our website:  www.donvalleyacademy.org.uk and join and join our Twitter:  @DeltaDonValley

Finally, we wish you a happy and restful summer and look forward to seeing all students in September.

Yours sincerely

H Thornton

H Thornton