It has been a privilege to work alongside them over the years, and humbling to know that the money we have raised across Delta has contributed to helping children in their time of need.

Delta has raised over £85,000 since partnering with the Children’s Air Ambulance in 2019. Don Valley Academy previously raised £11,000 in 10 weeks and the TCAA have expressed their gratitude for the continued support the Trust has provided.

Paul Tarn, CEO, would like to thank Steve Hodsman for accepting the Advocate of the Year award on behalf of Delta Academies Trust. “We are honoured and privileged to have worked alongside TCAA for a number of years and have enjoyed our fundraising efforts.

Don Valley Academy Said: “We set ourselves the challenge of raising £10,000 in 10 weeks. We knew this was a huge amount of money, but we also knew that it could provide the funding for at least three journeys from and to hospitals for those children who need urgent lifesaving treatment. The response has been amazing and the creative ways in which we have fundraised has been phenomenal to watch – we have had hair shavings, sky dives, 10 mile walks, Three Peaks challenges, bake sales, raffles and many more activities.”

“We are extremely proud of Don Valley Academy and all those who helped support our fundraising challenge. We truly have pulled together to make a difference for children who are in the most need.”

TCAA CEO Andy Williamson said: “This is a fantastic achievement and Don Valley Academy should be very proud. We are delighted that the Academy has taken The Children’s Air Ambulance into their hearts. Their support makes a tangible difference and ultimately save lives. The charity welcomes all pupils to join #TheCrew and we look forward to their continued support.”