History Curriculum

History Curriculum

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enquiring and critical outlook on the world. Our History curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

  • study issues at a local, national and international level in Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern time periods;
  • understand Britain’s influence on the wider world;
  • study the history and influence of different peoples and places across time;
  • assess the impact of events on individual and communities;
  • be exposed to a high level of historical and conceptual vocabulary;
  • learn to interpret a broad range of sources including visual sources and propaganda;
  • be exposed to different peoples’ perspectives on issues and events;
  • develop an understanding of how to apply and write about historical concepts such as causation; continuity and change; significance; consequence; diversity;
  • challenge received wisdom about historical figures and issues;
  • develop confidence in orating and debating historical issues and evaluate historical interpretations.
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Learning Journey 

Here is the learning journey showing a summary of key learning points at each stage. For further detail please see the SoW above.