Academy Context

Delta Academies Trust has the mission statement “Changing Lives”, with the overarching aim being to improve educational outcomes for children in the north of England whilst creating a sustainable organisation that improves our society and the wider environment.

Don Valley academy serves a significantly deprived area of north Doncaster which sees 41% of our students identifying as pupil premium. The majority of our students live within a 3-mile radius and either walk or cycle each day, we have one service bus which serves the academy. We have 6 main feeder primary schools and students arrive with an average APS from KS2.

We are a large academy with a pan of 224 students per year, as a result of significant improvements in the academy Y7, 8, 9 are full whilst Y10 and 11 have spaces due to legacy issues.  The academy serves a largely deprived community and whilst 45.5% (significantly above national average 29%) of our students identify as pupil premium and 26.8% (national average 12%) eligible for free school meals, all of our students live in this deprivation. As a result, aspirations from our community are low and education is not valued as a gateway to success. For the Academy this presents in students lacking ownership of their futures and often results in low attendance, poor behaviour for learning and lack of engagement in lessons. Whilst a significant proportion of our students are categorised as pupil premium all of our students live in this community and therefore, we have to instil a significant culture change for all our students.

Index of Multiple Deprivation

Bottom 10% 

Bottom 30%    

35% (12% - national average)

65% (35%)

Education & Skills 

Bottom 10%

Bottom 30% 

38% (12%)

77% (34%)

The majority of our students identify as white British (87.5%), with 10.5% of students who identify as being from an ethnic minority 4.4% of our total cohort are designated to be EAL. We have a small cohort of students who qualify for an EHCP (1.4%) but have a further 9.6% of students who are SEN support.  To ensure all our students access the appropriate provision for their individual needs we access support for those with extreme behavioural and emotional needs from St Wilfrid’s Academy in Doncaster, which is a registered Alternative Provision within Delta Academies Trust.

We are proud to serve our community and therefore work in conjunction with local partners and engage our public to ensure we meet the needs of our learners.   It is imperative to us that we provide ‘life ready’ students and aim to provide experiences which enhance students’ experiences. We have the highest standards and expectations for all pupils and we strive to provide a curriculum that respects the needs of all pupils as well as one that encourages young people to seek continuous development and improvement.