Key Contacts


Mrs K. Squire 

Principal - Initially ask for Mrs Edgar, Principal's P.A. 

Mrs S. Morgan

Mr  G. Oldfield

Mrs G. Tinsley

Senior Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal - Data/Assessment

Learning Managers

Year 7

Mrs A. Cadman

Year 8

Miss M. Watson

Year 9

Mrs N. McMahon

Year 10

Mr S. Preston

Year 11

Mrs J. Hood

Sixth Form

Mr S. McMaster

Safeguarding Team


Special Educational Needs

Mr G. Oldfield, Mrs J. Hood

Mrs W. Hepworth

Mrs S. Jeffries

Curriculum Leaders


Miss M. Bond

Curriculum Leader of Humanities

Mrs. E. Caine

Curriculum Leader of Art

Mr. M. Ford

Curriculum Leader of English and Literacy

Mr. R. Land

Head of Faculty - Business Studies/ICT

Mrs. N. Larner

Curriculum Leader of Psychology

Mr M. Lister

Curriculum Leader of Science

Miss E. Marriott

Curriculum Leader of Mathematics

Miss R. Newton

Head of Faculty - Expressive Arts

Miss J. Nicholls

Curriculum Leader of SMSC/Social Studies

Mr. T. Pochin

Curriculum Leader of PE

Miss D. Pritchard

Head of Faculty - EBACC

Miss C. Reet

Curriculum Leader of Technology

Miss. L. Tupman 

Curriculum Leader of Media Studies