The LRC - Learning Resource Centre

The academy LRC hosts some of the most advanced teaching and learning facilities in the school providing a state of the art, calming environment for all learners to enjoy. It contains over 19,000 books shelved on brand new bookcases and spinners, with modern style tables and chairs, 16 laptops, 8 computers and 30 kindles ensuring that there is something for everyone! The library is a lovely and well maintained environment. It has a positive influence on the students and other learners who feel privileged to use the superb facilities on offer.

The LRC is open Monday to Friday 7.45 am to 3.45 pm.

The LRC has enrichment programmes on three nights per week;

Tuesday: Homework club

Wednesday: Books and buns book club with Mrs Bradley and Miss Akeroyd, shadowing the Doncaster Book Award and the Carnegie Book award.

Thursday: First aid and CPR training for students

As well as the enrichment clubs the LRC is open daily to all students, if you would like to use the facilities please collect a pass from the Library desk at 2:30pm for the following day.

Accelerated Reader

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are expected to read 80 pages per week as part of their English homework.  Accelerated Reader is the software provided by Renaissance Learning which is specifically designed to help students learn to read.

There is an assessment process, Star Reading, which provides a starting level at which to read and enjoy success when completing a comprehension-style quiz on each book.

Students earn points as they achieve success.  Each book has a points value and students are credited half-termly on their score.  These points are based on the substance of each book; a quick easy read may have 0.5 – 1 point, a more substantial read may be worth 10-15 points.  We find that this helps engage the reluctant reader who may be daunted by a lengthy book, and it encourages a reader to gain more points.  

The aim is to help all students achieve a reading age of 14+ by the end of year 9. 

You can access Accelerated Reader here: