Transition & Partner Schools

Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College has an exciting programme of Partner School Projects where we work in partnership with our pyramid schools, to develop high quality experiences for the students.

Some of the feedback we have received has included how we have had a vast impact on:

  • Confidence in speaking and listening.
  • A greater understanding of showcase.
  • The development of teaching and learning tools in the partner schools.

The Partner School Projects focus on Active Learning, Teamwork, Creativity, Oracy and Showcase. They range in content from having a subject specific secondary practitioner working with the primary class, to visiting Don Valley Academy to showcase their work or take part in a professional theatre experience.

We believe that working in partnership with our primaries leads to a more successful transition to secondary as students become familiar with faces and routines. Ultimately, we hope it will lead to a happy and successful future at secondary school and beyond for the student.