Education Advisory Body

Welcome. I am proud to be the Chair of the Education Advisory Body at Don Valley Academy. 

The Education Advisory Body (EAB) replaced the old Board of Governors of Don Valley Academy in September 2013. This was a result of a review of governance across the Delta family of schools. The single driving force behind this change was to enable Education Advisory Body members to work more strategically with the leadership of the academy to bring about paced improvements in standards and teaching and learning in particular.

Although the Board of Governors now has a new name, the EAB is just as committed to the development of education for Doncaster’s young people and raising the aspirations, attainment and achievement of the students who attend the academy.

The EAB shares the academy staff’s pride in raising the expectations of its students, creating the best opportunities for them and preparing them for their lives beyond the academy by creating a safe and secure learning environment which allows all students to learn through a broad and balanced curriculum where everybody’s contribution is valued and everybody is challenged to reach their full potential. We do not achieve this in isolation but through working closely with partner schools, parents and community groups to build a caring ethos which meets the needs of our learning community.

Don Valley Academy is a member of the Delta Academies Trust (Delta) through which we have access to a wide network of support and many opportunities for our staff and students. The Delta ethos of ‘Together We Are Stronger’ enables us to develop partnerships within and beyond Doncaster.

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Should you wish for any further information about the Education Advisory Body, please contact Mrs Edgar (Clerk to the EAB) at the academy.

Dr Stephen Beer

EAB Chair

c/o Don Valley Academy

Jossey Lane





Education Advisory Body Members 2016/17

Mr. S. Beer (Chair)
Mrs. L. Blackett
Mr. C. Mitchell 

Teacher/Support Staff Governors

Mrs. K. Squire

Mrs. C. Reet

Mr. C. Hawkins

Mrs. L. Green

Associate Partners

Mr. S. Watts, Homerton College

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